Sometimes less is more. My niece is obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. In a culture bombarded with obsessive gift giving and elaborate presents she really put things in perspective this holiday season.Everything she gave to our family this year was homemade just like most of the presents exchanged on the television show.

I received this bookmark:

It touched my heart and it cost her something more important than the pennies in her piggy bank.  In Little House on the Prairie the actors and actresses were happy to receive things like crocheted mittens and homemade cookies. Laura and Mary Ingalls were content with a corncob doll, a peppermint stick and nine sweet potatoes for Christmas. They appreciated the work that went into preparing the gift. Now granted, I love receiving gift cards from Best Buy and Barnes and Noble but there’s something to be said about a present that comes from the creative soul of an innocent little girl.

I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas! I have to get back to eating the blueberry pie that she made straight out of the Little House on the Prairie cookbook....Yum!