Amy Schumer is a comedian and star of the Comedy Central show, 'Inside Amy Schumer.' She has always been an outspoken feminist and in a recent sketch she encouraged other women to take on some of her views. She is urging ladies to put down the lip stick and eye shadow to go all natural!

The video below is the sketch from her show in which a fictional boy band sings to her about losing the glob!

It's important in today's society to recognize all things that make a woman beautiful and not just how well they can cover up their small "inadequacies." Ultimately, from a man's prospective, whatever beauty you think you can create with makeup will only fade away in time. The person you will end up spending the rest of your life should love you for who you are through and through and that's the bottom line.

SO!! Throw away the glitter and glam and bare it all! You can tweet us your "No Makeup Selfies" using #CNYdontneedmakeup or upload your photo below. We want to show everyone just how gorgeous you are!

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Show Us Your "No Makeup Selfies"

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