You know how it works, you sleep till the last possible second, leave your house at the last possible second and know exactly how long it takes to get to work and allow yourself no breathing room, only to find that crazy drivers and a zillion lights on Genesee Street have different plans for you. Enter Zeng Daxia from Zhuzhou City in China who found a way to beat the system , the gas pumps AND the clock by leaving his car at home and power paragliding to work!


Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

He lives on one end of town and works on the other and has dealt with a whopping 3 HOUR commute each day (man, we complain about a 30 minute drive!) and decided he'd had enough. So he decided to learn a new hobby that would pay off for him in the long run, or well, shorten the run!

Powered para-gliding is basically strapping a prop to your back similar to the ones you see on swamp boats and of course the standard maneuverable parachute keeping you afloat from above. Here's what Zeng had to say...

"I work and live at different ends of the city, so I used to waste lots of time in traffic jams in my commute every day, Now I can drift above all of them and get to work in just a few minutes. There are a few of us doing it now because the traffic here is so bad. It may sound cruel but I like to fly low - just so I can see the frustration on the drivers' faces."

Haha, I like this guy! Imagine THAT and Chinese regulations say he's legal to do so as long as he doesn't meander into military airspace (yeah, like they'd put a base up smack dab in the middle of the city) and stays below 1,000 meters or roughly 3,280 feet.

Just picture a deserted arterial with a bunch of these floating around the skies of Utica instead. Although, we would have some weather to consider, and oh yeah, repacking the parachute could take some time too... but hey... No more parking spots, just land on the roof!

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