Many large cities are taking advantage of the ride sharing service known as Uber. Uber services are currently not available in Utica but you have the power to change that.

If you'd like to see continued economic growth in Utica, you may want to consider signing a petition to bring Uber to our city.  According to Uber.Org:

Uber will have tremendous positive economic impact across New York State. If Uber is allowed to operate under a peer-to-peer (“P2P”) or ridesharing model, we predict more than 13,000 New Yorkers outside of New York City will be driving with Uber in just the first year of operations. These driver-partners will have the potential to earn a combined $80 million in net fares in the first year, with ample room for growth in future years.

Cities around the world are reaping the rewards that Uber offers their communities: Less drunk driving incidents, availability to every neighborhood, and less traffic,are just a few of the positives that the ride sharing service could bring to Utica.

Earlier this year, our city shared a "transformative moment" when General Electric announced that they are investing $200 million in Nano Utica. 2500 jobs are being created and our city is on the upswing. Wouldn't it be excellent to see even more jobs brought to the Mohawk Valley?

Uber drivers are compensated very well, and you can even request a vehicle with a car or booster seat if you have little ones. You can't get that with a taxi can you?

If you'd like to bring Uber to Utica CLICK HERE to SIGN THE PETITION.