When's the last time you saw something and said to yourself: " What?! I can't believe my eyes?" What if you hailed a cab and learned that the cabbie was a toddler?

When I was little I used to get inside my mom's parked car and pretend to drive it. I think every kid enjoys a simulated drive down the street from time to time don't you? It's thrilling to pretend to cruise down the road when you're too young drive. For the most part, my pretend driving was just that, make believe. There was that one time however.....

One day I realized the keys were still in the ignition. My heart began to race over the thought of starting that car up and driving over to my friend Jeff's house to play some backyard football. Needless to say, I didn't get very far. After I started the car, I accidentally put it into reverse and backed over my neighbor's dog house.

Thankfully, Ralphie was out for a walk with his owners at the time so he was unharmed. Me? Not so much, my backside was sore for days after my dad learned what I did.

This morning Just Jen and I talked about my bad haircut.