Anytime you pull into the parking lot of a restaurant and it smells just like bacon, you know you're in the right place. The Beaver Den Diner is worth the trip to Brookfield.

Brookfield is a tiny town in Madison County, home to just over 2,500 people. Nestled in the heart of this primarily agricultural town is the Beaver Den Diner, home to a triple bacon cheeseburger that will knock your socks off while it's clogging your arteries. If you've gotta go, it should be with a stack of bacon, cheese, and burger in your hands.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

Owned by Carl Mayne and his wife, Katie since 2004, the diner is as much a part of the community as the farms that dot the landscape. The Beaver Den was built in the early 1980's as an arcade. His father once owned the diner, and, when the opportunity presented itself - he and his wife bought the diner back. "My father owned the diner was I was a kid in school...and I didn't like what I was doing for a job so I decided to get back into it." When asked if he enjoys what he does, Carl laughs and replies "most days." The whole family gets into the act, with pies homemade by Carl's mother every day.

Credit: Beth Coombs/TSM

Carl told us that local high school students will often text him their orders for a quick pick up during lunch. He says he's not sure if the school is okay with that, but, he admits, "the teachers do it, too." After tasting both the triple bacon cheeseburger and the Reuben, it's easy to see why.

If you're in the neighborhood - and even if you're not - check out the Beaver Den Diner. It's worth the trip. The diner is located at 1946 Academy Road in Brookfield, NY.

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