If one of your family members has ever suffered through Alzheimer's disease, you know how sad it can be to watch them mentally deteriorate. This guy's mom battles through the terrible illness yet he still knows how to make her smile!

My grandmother on my mom's side dealt with Alzheimer's for quite some time and it truly was difficult to watch; a once really sharp, witty individual became forgetful and frequently disoriented. Occasionally she would say funny things to helps us make light of the entire situation, but ultimately it's heart breaking to watch.

Joe Fraley’s mom suffers from Alzheimer’s disease too. She struggles every day to find her way in the confused little world she lives in. Joe has been singing and writing songs for years but one day he decided he was going to try and boost her spirits through song!

This special moment shared between them was caught on film shortly before his mom moved into an assisted living facility. Isn't it amazing what hearing the right song at the right time can do for someone?!

Here's the song that Joe first sang to her back in January:

More recently, Joe visited his mom and he made her smile again.

I'm still singing songs to my Mom. Yesterday I went to see her and she had more life in her than I’ve seen in months. I thought I’d share.” (Worldlifestyle.com)

Watch her as she goes from seemingly complacent, to happy and joyful. I think this will touch your heart!