You've probably seen senior pictures popping up all over Facebook as a 'tribute' to the Class of 2020. Do they even care, or do they just want to graduate?

The intention behind the gesture was a nice one: show the Class of 2020 - who are getting screwed out of just about everything fun about being a senior, from the prom to graduation - that we care. We're not sure they're even on Facebook.

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I'm not trying to be mean or anything - I love your pictures. If your teens are anything like mine, they think Facebook is for old people. They just want to go back to school - and do all those things seniors get to do.

Sure, no one is posting their senior pictures out of maliciousness. No one, as some on Facebook have suggested, are posting their senior pictures to brag about all the 'fun' we had our senior years, and 'nyah nyah nyah', the Class of 2020 won't.

The best way to support the Class of 2020? STAY HOME, so there's a chance they can have a postponed prom and graduation. 

Beyond that, aside from your senior picture, why don't we post pictures of every Class of 2020 member you know and congratulate them for everything they've accomplished. 

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