If you're in the city of Rome New York, get ready for a new Greek dining option.

Stathis Greek Restaurant and Gyro will be adding a second location in the city of Rome. Owner Steven Koulouris made the announcement on Facebook:

"Now I can proudly say that I'm opening up my second location in Rome NY! 172 Black River Blvd is mine! I own it!

The post continues to say that they will be opening soon. We will update this story when we learn more.

It has always been my dream to open up my own restaurant and now I am finally getting my chance."

Currently Stathis operates in South Utica at 1901 Genesee Street. You can also find them throughout the area with their local food truck.

So far, people are really excited for this new addition to Rome:

Ashley Marie Bird: "Finally something good to this town"

Sara Lamere Halliburton: "Third location in Frankfort? 2026? Just an idea. Seriously, congrats my friend!"

Jay Cooper: "Congratulations Steve! You'll do great in Rome! Your food is outstanding"

You can learn more online here.

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