Rumor has it that ‘American Idol‘ judge Steven Tyler got engaged to girlfriend Erin Brady over the holidays, as Brady was spotted wearing a diamond ring in Maui on Christmas Day.

Tyler, 63, and Brady, 38, have been an item since 2006 and if they are indeed betrothed, they didn’t get there easily, as preview clips from Tyler’s New Year’s Day interview with Oprah reveal that he had to give up womanizing in order to get fidelity out of Brady, as well. Tyler seemed at peace with leaving his lady littered past in the rear view and seems ready be in a committed, faithful relationship.

That said, TMZ is reporting that not everyone is happy about this prospective union. Tyler’s family is reportedly not fond of Brady, with one source saying that she is “just not nice” and that she is “mean to the family.”

That doesn’t sound like any fun, especially at holiday gatherings and such.

Making matters worse, Tyler’s loved ones were pissed that he proposed without tipping them off or letting them know them in advance. Is it us or is he well within his rights to ask Brady for her hand in marriage without seeking approval form his family? He’s a grown man, afterall.

No one in Tyler’s camp has confirmed the engagement yet, so it’s a matter of speculation. If he did indeed propose to Brady, then congrats!