Lately it seems like everyone wants to be offended by something, no matter how small. Can we stop overreacting about everything? Please??

This is an open letter to whoever needs to hear it. For whatever reason, the world just wants to be upset about everything, and this behavior is getting out of control.


To Whom It May Concern,
Can we stop being so sensitive about everything? Seriously? I understand there are certain reasons to be upset, reasons to get fired up, but not everything should cause this.
It seems like we live in a time where everyone MUST watch every little thing they say, in fear of making someone upset. Sure, you shouldn’t spread hateful words, but having an opinion or a personality, has turned into a bad thing. How did this happen?
Whether you say something small, like you don’t like a certain brand of coffee or place to eat, someone jumps in with ‘Well, my husband works there. How could you say that?” And all of a sudden you’re a bad person for stating your opinion. It’s like everyone lately is taking everything personal – like everything is a hit against them. Why?
Can we stop it? Can we allow people to have their own personalities and opinions? Can we stop worrying about everyone’s business, and just let things go?
I promise, not everyone is out to get you. Just because someone likes something or doesn’t like something, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with you, your family, your friends, or whoever you feel the need to through into the conversation.
Please people, stop taking things so personal. Stop thinking that the world is against you. It really isn’t. And if you start letting those things go, you’ll feel better, the people around you will feel better, and maybe we can fix this whole backwards situation.