You've seen it all over social media, maybe you're guilty of it too - The Grammar Police. When did we get so obsessed with the English Language?

Do you remember people being so concerned with "there, their, and they're" during English classes in school? Probably not. It seems like it's something that has been growing over the past few years on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

We're sure you see it all the time - The "there" argument, or even the "your vs. you're" fights. Let's be honest here, most people (not everyone, but MOST) know the difference. Social media is a fast-paced world. Most people are in a hurry to get their thought out or make their case, that they're not paying attention to the correct form of the words they're using.

Does this mean they're dumb? Absolutely not, but the 'grammar police' are sure to point out those mistakes and try to make the person look dumb. Should they take more time to get their point out? Probably, but it still doesn't mean they need to be attacked for using the wrong form.

Sure, it's important to use correct grammar and not dumb-down our language, but does pointing out every mistake really help?


It was fine when the arguments first started showing up, but it has run its course. Fighting over this doesn't make one person look smart and one person look dumb anymore - It just makes one person look like they made an honest mistake, and the other person looks like they're just trying to find something to fuss about.

Unless you are perfect and never make those mistakes EVER in your life, you shouldn't point out when other people do. Just sayin'



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