A Central New York business handled things that right way when a Rome woman said she found plastic in one of their muffins.

You expect to find blueberries in your muffin - but not plastic. But, according to a video she recorded, that's exactly what happened to April when her boss bought muffins for the office.

April's video shows what looks like a piece of cellophane plastic in muffins she says were purchased from the Utica BJ's.

April says she went back to BJ's to explain what had happened and showed them the video. BJ's gladly replaced the muffins and told April they would contact "the warehouse that makes the batter" and let them know.

April says she didn't want anything from BJ's - she just wanted them to be aware, and wanted to let other consumers know - in case anything similar happened to them.

Often, businesses can be defensive when customers make claims like these - so we want to commend BJ's for replacing the muffins and for taking steps to ensure this type of thing doesn't happen again.

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