A cheap coffee maker?  Another jelly club membership? Socks?  We’ve all received some not so exciting Christmas gifts over the years haven’t we?  I’ve received lots and lots of Christmas gifts throughout the course of my lifetime and I've welcomed most of them with joy and a heartfelt thank you. However their are a few exceptions:

Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring-

It sounds like a neat idea right? Well it wouldn’t have been so bad except for the fact that when I initially read the package I saw “Pro Wrestling it." What it actually read was "Pro Wrestling Kit" I thought the t, the i, and the c were just masked by the bow that was attached to the gift. I thought I was receiving pro wrestling TICkets that were being disguised in a big box. What a bummer! To make matters worse I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to thumb wrestle me.

Inflatable Fruit Cake-

Yup, it’s a blow up balloon  designed as a table decoration that resembles a fruit cake. I’m not sure what my Aunt Merideth was thinking. Perhaps she realized noone would eat an actual fruitcake one so she gave me this one instead.

Drug Store Cologne-

I love cologne and I have quite the collection…but only the good stuff! To me there’s nothing worse than cheap scents. Who wants to walk around smelling like a pine scented car freshener with a hint of rubbing alcohol? When it comes to cologne purchases use good sense!

Here's some bad Christmas gift ideas courtesy of Reader's Digest!


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