Earlier I posted a video of Saturday Night Live's 'Black Widow' movie trailer. Come to find out, it looks a lot like a real show hitting CBS this fall, 'Supergirl.'

'Supergirl' is meant to be a more serious show, following the life of a 24-year-old superhero who tries to live a (kind of) normal life in the big city. Supergirl is the cousin of Superman and is pretty much following in her cousin's footsteps. Although clips from the new TV show have her working as an assistant for a high-powered business woman, she finds her calling and takes on the role as a superhero.

Saturday Night Live's movie trailer spoof for 'Black Widow' came after comic fans were wondering why a movie about Black Widow hadn't been made (or even brought up as an idea for a movie). The best part is, SNL's spoof and CBS' 'Supergirl' actually look extremely similar. Like, ridiculously similar. Check it out for yourself!

The sad part is CBS' 'Supergirl' is a real show coming this fall. Saturday Night Live was doing... well, what Saturday Night Live does best. One thing's for sure though, - SNL totally did it better!



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