A town in Switzerland with a population of 2,245 people and 280 dogs is threatening to kill dogs if their owners do not pay the annual $50 tax! That’s right kill dogs over money!

Local official Pierre-Alain Nemitz says the move is part of an effort to reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes, saying:

"This isn't about a mass execution of dogs, it's meant to put pressure on people who don't cooperate."

How about this idea, punish the person not paying the tax, not the dog. Why end a life of an animal? How about if you’re so set on taking the dog, take them to a shelter! This is abuse of innocent animals by a government because of $50! 50 bucks over a dogs life. I’ll donate 50 dollars to save a dog. How messed up that is even an option!

What are your feelings on the matter?