Tis the season for things like fresh cut grass can trigger a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Central New York just ranked extremely high on a list of the worst cities for grass allergies in America.

Lawn Love ranked "2023’s Worst Cities for Grass Allergies This Summer" in honor of allergy and asthma awareness month in May. So how did they come up with the list of the worst cities? Here's what they had to say:

We compared 131 metro areas based on allergy risk, exacerbators, and access to detection and treatment resources. More specifically, we looked at grass pollen forecasts, allergen intensity, and lawn mowing frequency, among nine total metrics."

What they found was that the top grass allergy sufferers are here in the Northeastern U.S. Six of the 10 most affected cities are in this region, including the Springfield, MA, metro area in the worst spot at Number One.

Where Did Central New York Rank?

Central New York did not rank too kindly on this list. Syracuse came in at Number 8 overall with a score of 62.48. However, we weren't the only ones on the thruway who ranked poorly. Buffalo came in at number 7, just one slot worse than Syracuse, with a score of 63.01. Albany-Schenectady-Troy came in at Number 39 with a score of 54.92.  New York City came in at number 55 with a score of 51.82.

How Did They Determine The Winners?

Well, they aren't really winners. You can read how they looked at several pieces of data to determine this list online here.

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