Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have become the latest celebrity couple to watch. Now rumors are flying about Calvin Harris popping the question - But is there any truth behind the rumors?

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift
Both Photos By: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

Rumors started flying last week - That Calvin Harris was spotted looking at engagement rings, for non-other than his stunning girlfriend Taylor Swift. He may have been eyeing the rings, but is he really ready to tie-the-knot? According to Classicalite he is.

Word has it that the Scottish EDM DJ [Calvin Harris] already been ring shopping, while his soon to be wife is already planning the wedding. It's even said that that happy couple are already making plans to try to start having a baby just as soon as they get married.

Taylor Swift getting married? And having a child? It sounds a little different from her usual style of on-and-off dating. Also, T-Swift has made comments before saying she wasn't sure if she ever wanted to be a mom.

Yes, people change and opinions change with time, but it seems like there's more reasons why this is just a rumor, than an actual thing that's going to happen.

So for now, it's a rumor. No sources have spoke on Taylor Swift or Calvin Harris' behalf to deny the rumors, or confirm them. This one... we'll have to wait and see what happens in the coming months for this Hollywood couple.



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