These 7 Famous People Are Buried In Upstate New York
There were many famous people throughout history to be born in Upstate New York, but did you know there are also many buried here as well? We have actors, writers, and musicians whose final resting place is a short drive away. If you love the historical element of cemeteries, then you'll love t…
Top Celeb Couples Who Fell In Love At Work
Starting a relationship at work can be a no-no for most people. Some people actually have the most successful relationships that came out of a work setting. Think about it: You'll work together, share the same stress, and know some of the same people. Can't be too bad right?
Top Celebrities That Drive Me Crazy- Dave’s List
We all have that one celebrity that rubs us the wrong way, the one who makes us change the channel as SOON as we see or hear them on TV. Whether it's the sound of their voice, or great acting skills, there is something about them that we can't get away from fast enough. Accordin

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