Something special happens when artists cover other artists' song - and Hozier covering Sam Smith's 'Lay Me Down' is no exception to that. One word describes it best... Unique.

Hozier and Sam Smith
First Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment
Second Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment

Irish singer/songwriter Hozier is probably best known for his hit 'Take Me to Church' - a powerful, moving song. So what happens when an artist who's known for singing with such power and emotion, takes on an equally powerful and emotional song? Well, it's... different.

Hozier's version on Sam Smith's 'Lay Me Down,' is not what you would expect. With Hozier already having the ability to sing with such conviction, you would assume he would sing 'Lay Me Down,' a lot like Sam Smith originally did it - but he doesn't. He puts his own unique spin on it, and actually makes the song more upbeat. It almost has this Motown Funk sound to it.

It's a completely different take on 'Lay Me Down,' but it's definitely worth a listen...

Hozier gives it this more upbeat, perky sound - to an originally slow, and almost depressing song (not to say it's not good, Sam Smith rocks it with the slow, moving feel). You can compare it to Sam Smith's original below.


Apparently, Sam Smith tweeted to Hozier saying he loved the cover he did on his song. Who do you think did it better? Hozier's more upbeat version, or Sam Smith's original slow version?



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