You are about to experience the view we've been enjoying from the front line of the Utica Boilermaker Road Race. For the past decade we've been set up at the starting line of the race providing the soundtrack for the runners as they take off for the big 15K road race here in beautiful Utica, New York. Now, you're there also.

Being a morning person, it's no problem for me (Mark Richards) getting up at 5am and setting up at 5:45 on Culver Avenue for the Utica Boilermaker. It's a thrill seeing the wheelchair racers go by with passion and inspiration. And when the horn sounds and the racers go by, well, I'm speechless...mostly because no one can hear me over the Boilermaker music marathon blasting from the speakers!

Now, you'll see what we see and we hope you enjoy being on the front line of one of our communities premier events.

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