There a number of local celebrities who deserve a star on the Utica walk of Fame. Our star lined sidewalk doesn't exist yet, but if it did, whose name would you like to see etched into concrete? 

We're hoping to eventually have a Walk of Fame along Genesee Street, and we're curious to see who you would nominate for such a prestigious honor. Here's some of the people we think deserve a star.


1. Mayor Palmieri

Our beloved Mayor has successfully served, and his popularity continues to grow. Mr. Palmieri is "the people's" Mayor, and his genuine concern and love for Utica are evident to all. Not only is he a political success, but he's a triumphant family man as well. He's a proud father of 5, and grandfather of 12. His motto: "Let's keep Uitca moving forward."


2. John Zogby

OK let's take a poll, who thinks this gentleman deserves a star? Sorry, we couldn't resist. There's no denying that Zogby's contributions to US politics, journalism, and news media reporting, paved the way to a better Utica, and all of America for that matter. According to Wikipedia:

Zogby first gained attention in the 1992 presidential election when he released a survey showing the New York State Governor Mario Cuomo would lose in his home state to incumbent President George H. W. Bush.


3. Dick Clark

The long time host of American Bandstand, and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, also made his mark in Central New York. After he graduated from Syracuse University, he went on to work at one of our former sister stations WRUN. The "World's Oldest Teenager" was a successful business man too. He served as CEO of Dick Clark Productions, and created the American Music Awards.


We could go on for days counting the number of Utican's who deserve a place on the Walk of Fame: Annette Funicello, Dave Cash, and Fran Cosmo to name a few.

Who do you think deserves a star? Feel free to call in at 721-0987 or post your comments on our Facebook page. Who knows, maybe if we get enough responses, we can eventually get our own Walk of Fame.


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