100 Year-Old BFFs [VIDEO]
This made my day and will make your day as well. Meet Irene and Alice who have been best friends since the 1930s. Just wait till you hear what they have to say about what's going on in the pop culture world of today.
Dancing Granny [VIDEO]
Just a couple more days of Christmas music and soon you'll be hearing the best variety of yesterday and today again on Lite 98.7. Now, you won't hear 'Runaroud Sue' by Dion, that one goes a little too far back. Don't tell Nana that, she still loves the song.
102 Year Old Base Jumper
My nana lived to be 104 years of age and she was a spunky lady all her life. She learned to swim in her 80s, survived a mastectomy in her 90s and told it like it is right into her 100s. But she never based jumped like Dorothy Custer did. She is one of the spunkiest old ladies you’ll ever meet.
The 11 Coolest Grandparents on the Web
Out of all the cool people in the world, you know who ranks at the top of our list? Grandparents. Think about it-- they're adorably hilarious and spoil us rotten. Basically, grandma and grandpa rule, so it's about time their awesomeness gets recognized!

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