What's In Your Tap Water?
The Environmental Working Group (EWP) put together a water quality database you can search, simply by entering your zip code. Their information is based on water testing data from the Environmental Protection Agency, from 2010 to 2015.
Get Involved in Local Bottled Water Drive to Aid Flint Water Crisis
The water crisis in Flint, MI continues to be a huge problem as several people, including hundreds of children, have been diagnosed with lead poisoning due to its presence in the water supply. Our sister station WIBX 950 has organized a bottled water drive and several local businesses and organizations are involved. You can be as well.
Best Tasting Water
Each year at the Great New York State Fair, there is a competition held to name the best tasting water in the state. The winner for 2015 is the Adirondack hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake.

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