According to MapQuest, a drive from Utica to Cherry Valley takes anywhere from 49 to 57 minutes depending on traffic. This video will take us there in 55 seconds!

If you've ever taken a drive to Cherry Valley, you know that you'll be treated to beautiful scenery and spectacular views!

Cherry Valley is a wonderful community located in upstate New York. Close to Cooperstown and the Glimmerglass Opera Cherry Valley is a great place to live and vacation in.

If you're itching to take a road trip this weekend, I recommend loading up the minivan and heading to the valley. Once you're there, enjoy a relaxing meal at a cozy little place called the Rose and Kettle restaurant. They serve up a meatloaf there that will give your grandmother's prized recipe a run for the money!

Cherry Valley is also the birthplace of the infamous Fanny White:

Fanny White, a.k.a. Jane Augusta Blankman (March 22, 1823 – October 12, 1860) was one of the most successful courtesans of ante-bellum New York City. Known for her beauty, wit, and business acumen, Fanny White accumulated a significant fortune over the course of her career, married a middle-class lawyer in her thirties, and died suddenly a year later. Rumors that she had been poisoned caused a public outcry, which forced an inquest into her death.

Though her profession was less than noble, don't let that deter you from talking a trip to this quaint and classy little town! Poet Alan Ginsberg also liked to retreat here when the hustle and bustle of New York City life got the better of him.

Enjoy the trip!

Just Jen and I once inhaled about a dozen half moon cookies on our last road trip to Cherry Valley. Check out today's cookie chat!