As 2010 draws to a close, we look back and a few celebrity names still give us a sour taste. put together a list of it's ten most annoying celebrities of the year and here's the list. Make sure to call out your least favorite celeb in the comments.


Here is the top five:

1)Mel Gibson: More offensive than annoying this past year.

2)Jesse James: He gave all tattooed ladies and gents a bad name. He broke America's sweethearts heart in the process.

3)Taylor Momsen: America already knows all about her personal problems, and not so nice vocabulary, and she is only 17. Honestly I can't remember who she is!

4)Lebron James: He turned the whole state of Ohio against him by not only switching to Miami, but also making it one of the biggest media spectacles of the year.

5)Lindsay Lohan: Even though she has been away at rehab for a good portion of 2010, somehow she is still dominating celebrity gossip this year. America gets an update every time she holds a Pepsi, gets some extra rehab privilege, or interacts with her parents.

Who annoyed you the most this year in Hollywood?

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