She's goin' to Hollywood! A high school student in New York earned her way onto the latest season of "American Idol," and she's even featured in the new promo leading up to the season premiere.

New Paltz High School sophomore Laila Mach was able to travel to San Diego last year to audition, after going through many rounds of Zoom auditions from her kitchen table, she told the New Paltz Arts in the School Association.

"I'm thrilled that I will be on the show this season," Mach told NPASA. "I'm so glad I have never given up on my goals, even when I've been told no in the past. I'm looking forward to all good things ahead!"

And Mach surely started off her time on the season with a good thing: a golden ticket to Hollywood from judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. A clip of Mach showing her ticket to her sisters and dad was part of the show's promo that debuted on New Year's Eve. You can catch her standing in front of a huge video screen with her ticket at 0:51.

While Mach isn't allowed to divulge many details ahead of the "Idol" season premiere on February 14, her mom SaraBeth Valentino-Mach told NPASA that their family and community are so excited to cheer her on during the upcoming season.

"We are very proud of Laila," states her mom SaraBeth, "This experience is definitely surreal at times, and we are so grateful for the outpouring of support for our daughter and her musical endeavors. Her peers, friends, family and community have all rallied to wish her well during this exciting time."

According to NPASA, Mach is a member of both the New Paltz High School Choir and the Advanced Acapella Choir. She also plays piano and guitar and writes her own songs.

With a stunning voice and over thirty thousand subscribers on YouTube, it's easy to see why she earned that golden ticket to Hollywood.

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