Want a memorable name for your business? A clever pun always works. We compiled the top 5 punny business names in Central New York.

The list comes from a map produced by the website Atlas Obsura, saved on the favorites list of geography nerds like me.

#5 - Back to the Future Chiropractic Wellness

This Cicero business will get your spine aligned with 1.21 gigawatts.

#4 - Rubbin' Butts BBQ

Barbecue joints are legendary for punny names (shoutout to Piggin' & Grinnin' in my hometown in Michigan). Rubbin' Butts in Cobleskill carries on this proud punny tradition.

#3 Tie -  Freedom of Espresso and Pastabilities

One block in downtown Syracuse has two awesome punny restaurants. First is Freedom of Espresso. The coffee joint used to be called the equally punny Federal Espresso, but it seems a certain shipping company felt the name was a little too close to their trademark, so Freedom of Espresso put a punny twist on one of our First Amendment rights.

What better name for one of the city's signature Italian restaurants than Pastabilties? The restaurant didn't make the original Atlas Obsura map, which is a huge oversight. Spicy Hot Tomato Oil from Pastabilties is jarred and available at retails locations around the area.

#2 - appeThaizing

There are a few appeThaizing location in Central New York for this small chain including downtown Liverpool. They serve Thai food that's appetizing so they chose the punny business name, appeThaizing, a name that should curry favor with those who enjoy southeast Asian cuisine.

#1 - Knotty By Nature

If you're down with OPP - Other People's Pine - then Knotty by Nature, this kitchen design center in Bridgewater that also does custom woodwork is your place.

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