Once again the snow gods have frowned on Central New York. Or is it smiled on us? It really depends on which type of person you are in a snowstorm.

Not everyone in Central New York handles a snowstorm the same way. Some of us freak out...and some don't. A foot of snow? Some Central New Yorkers consider that a dusting (I'm looking at you Tug Hill!)

5 Types of CNY People You See in a Snowstorm

1. The "Armageddon" Bread and Water Type: these are the folks at Price Chopper the second they hear snow is in the forecast. They get enough bread and water to last at least a week, because you never know. This could be it, and they don't want to be forced to eat their dog.

2. The Forecast Cynic: These folks never believe the meteorologist. You can identify them by their cranky Facebook posts: "Only a weatherperson can be wrong half the time and still have a job." "We're not gonna get anything!" You can also find them in their car's driver's seat, trapped in a snowbank.

3. The MEH Type: these folks have been there, done that. A foot of snow, no biggie. 18"? They might grab a warmer hat. You can probably find them taking their snowmobile to the corner store for a cup of coffee and a Slim Jim.

4. The OMG I'm SO Excited SNOW! Type: These are your winter sports enthusiasts, and the people who do business with them. The second they see significant snowfall in the forecast, they're already planning to call in sick or praying for a snow day so they can get out on their skis or sled or snowboard. You can find them anywhere they can have fun in the snow.

5. The Realist Type: These people don't get too excited either way - they might check the pantry for essentials like coffee, milk and cereal, then pick their favorite series on Netflix and binge-watch while the snow falls. These folks know they live in Central New York and snow is a fact of life.

Which type are you? 


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