The most recent CDC guidance stated that masks should be worn in areas with substantial to high transmission rates of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. Now, because of the Delta variant of the virus making its rounds, they have a new suggestion that will impact your children.

According to the CDC, children who have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all can spread the virus. Because of this, they suggest that all children ages two and up should be wearing masks in indoor public settings, including schools.

As always, the guidance has caused some mixed emotions.

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Rachael says "I have 3 I can't vaccinate yet, and if one of us brought home the delta could be bad for the 3...I am glad CDC is taking this stance. Hope people consider those who who want/need to but can't get vaccinated yet."

Sandy is a bit annoyed about how low the age goes for the suggestion.

"Adults don't wear masks properly (sliding below their nose, touching their mask constantly, then touching everything around them) so, how can a two year old be expected to wear one?"

Abigail said, "So much judgement on both sides. Most of my family is vaccinated but my 2 youngest can't be. It's not hard for us to wear a mask, wash hands often, and keep surfaces clean. Do what's best for your family and I'll do what's best for mine."

Last week Oneida and Herkimer counties both hit the threshold for being moved into the substantial transmission category in New York State.

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