There's been a big clatter recently about Christmas trees fashioned from ordinary, average household ladders and upside Christmas trees that hang from your ceiling. But the town of Ellicottville, south of Buffalo, came up with something special to hang their ornaments on.

Credit: WKBW TV Buffalo via YouTube
Credit: WKBW TV Buffalo via YouTube

Ellicottville has a giant, light-up tree made out of skis. In honor of the skiing at nearby resorts like Holiday Valley, some locals came up with the big idea. How big? About 31 feet high and constructed out of about 400 donated skis.

Credit: WKBW TV Buffalo
Credit: WKBW TV Buffalo via YouTube

Maybe we should come up with our own take on this holiday phenomenon for our community right here in the Utica-Rome area. Here are some ideas:

Riggie Tree?

Take one of Utica's signature items, add a little food coloring and, bam, Christmas magic.

Tomato Pie Tree?

Arrange the pizza boxes just right, with the smaller boxes on top, and it would look fantastic.

Pustie Tree?

It may SOUND disgusting, but we bet it would be delicious.

UC Tree?

Two options here: Either bottles of Utica Club OR Utica College Pioneers gear. Can't go wrong either way.

Ice Cream Tree?

There's now a Nicky Doodles To Go joint, right next to its regular Rome location. If you stacked the Chocolate Mint, Rocky Road, and Strawberry pints just right, the tower would make a great tree.

What are YOUR ideas for a great and unique tree that represents Central New York?


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