In previous articles, we have discussed hauntings at the Capitol Theatre in Rome, and the Landmark Theater in Syracuse. Another local haunted theater is the Stanley Theatre in Utica.

The Stanley Theatre was opened in September of 1928, and is decorated in the Mexican Baroque style, which is most evident in the intricate gold leaf designs decorating the inside of the theatre. While initially designed to be a movie theater, and affiliated with Warner Brothers pictures, the theater quickly became affiliated with stage productions and musicians.

Reports of hauntings at the Stanley Theatre include rumors of a seat that is perpetually left empty, out of respect for the haunting spirit. The theater has traditionally not been open to paranormal investigations, but they have let the Ghost Seekers of Central New York in, and they had positive results that pointed to the theater being haunting.

Shadow Chasers/Phil Nye
Shadow Chasers/Phil Nye

If the rumors of a haunted theater seat are accurate, this seems to point to a trend in haunted theaters. As mentioned before, the Capitol Theatre and the Landmark Theater both reportedly have ghosts who haunt their seats. Are these rumors generated by dedicated patrons of the theater, who feel that any spirits can’t resist the lure of the theater? Or are the ghosts that haunt these theaters just wanting to ensure a good seat for the show?

[Contributed by the NY Shadow Chasers]


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