Growing up you see Dad’s on TV and wonder how yours could be like the TV ones. Nothing beats the father Jack Arnold from Wonder Years, or maybe Mr. C aka Howard Cunningham from Happy Days. What are some other inspirational TV/Movie Dad’s?

While all dads at least try to be decent, some dads have their act together more than others. There are those few, whether in real life or in the movies, that are truly inspiring.

Here's a rundown from of some of the most inspiring fictional movie dads we can look to for help when times get rough:

  • Atticus Finch -To Kill a Mockingbird- He took on an entire town of racists. Pretty impressive right?
  • Jack Butler - Mr. Mom - Jack made the selfless sacrifice and stayed at home with his kids while his wife worked. He came out the other side with his dignity intact.
  • George Bailey - It's a Wonderful Life - Over and over, he chose self-sacrifice for the well-being of his family, friends and his town over his own desires.
  • Captain Von Trapp - The Sound of Music - He had the guts to say no to the Nazis and escaped from Germany with his family.

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What are some other inspiring TV/Movie Dad’s?