Perhaps we can save you some time and money with this report. If you're planning to travel this summer, "USA Today" published a list of the most overrated attractions you can see. These are destinations you should avoid, especially if you're on a budget. Here are the top five.

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5) The Blarney Stone.
If you make your way into this building, legend has it that kissing the Blarney Stone rock will give you the gift of gab. First, there's always a really long line and if you consider how many people smooch the stone every day, you're more likely to come away with a communicable disease.

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4) The Pyramids
In movies and advertisement the Pyramids look so appealing yet in real life the area's not as beautiful as most people think. It's basically in a suburb. So when you're standing there looking at them, you can also see a Pizza Hut, a KFC, and a lot of debris. You should consider the pyramids in Dahshur, about two-and-a-half hours north. Most say that's a better destination.

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3) Times Square
Flashing billboards, obnoxious peddlers selling knockoff DVDs, chain restaurants, and hordes of lost tourists along with a distinct smell of urine are what you'll find in the five blocks of Times Square. If you visit New York City, you just have to visit Times Square but one visit is never enough, because it's always PACKED with tourists and long lines to the attractions. May we suggest, you hit the Museum Mile, which is a stretch of eight museums on Fifth Avenue.

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2) The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy
I still remember the cartoon where Porky Pig rids himself of an obnoxious dog by having it hold up this leaning building. When you're in Florence, you must snap a picture of yourself doing just that. But it's not worth the four-hour drive from Rome, because there's not much to do there other than take that photo.

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1) Stonehenge
Bummer, you're not allowed to get close to the stones anymore. You'll pay an admission fee, of course, but you'll only be able to view the site from afar. Tourists used to be able to go right up to them but over the years idiots started chipping off pieces of it for souvenirs and ruined it for everyone.