Now that holiday season is over, plenty of people are considering losing weight and trying a new diet. What were some of the most ridiculous diets of 2010?

Every year it seems there are crazy new diet plans. Most of them are never safe, but some how people think they work. Here's a rundown of some of the most ridiculous diets people have tried in the last year or so to lose weight quickly according to Yahoo Shine:

  • The hCG Diet - People tried taking injections of the female pregnancy hormone while eating a 500-calorie diet. Sounds safe right?
  • The Baby Food Diet - Losing weight might be as simple as replacing your adult-sized meals with little jars of baby puree.
  • The Tapeworm Diet - Here's one for the truly desperate. Maybe you tried this during the wedding season. It was believed by many that if you swallow a parasitic tapeworm that can be found in under-cooked meat or infected animal feces, it would break down your digestive system to the point where you wouldn't want to eat. They had this featured on The Office a while back!
  • The Twinkie Diet - Just eat 1,800 calories of junk food! Why not? A calorie is a calorie, right? Might as well enjoy what you are eating. I like this diet plan, too bad it wasn’t with Chinese food!