There are some crazy diets out there, and Central New Yorkers have tried them all - with often hilarious results.

At some point in your life, you've probably tried to lose a few pounds. Maybe you stuck with the simple approach: eat less, and exercise more. Maybe that wasn't enough for you - you wanted to lose weight quickly, or without having to cut calories - so you tried something a little...crazy, or extreme, or just plain stupid.

We asked and you answered: what's the craziest or most extreme thing you've ever done to lose weight?

  1. I'll admit, I went through a phase where I was on a Ben & Jerry's diet. I would eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's a day (divide in into threes: breakfast, lunch, and dinner) - and then run about 7 miles a day. The sugar kept me fueled long enough to get through the running. Yes, I lost weight - but I also nearly passed out at work from the lack of nutrients and calories.
  2. Kristen: "I tried SlimFast after I had my son. I'm lactose intolerant and didn't know at the time. Back 17 yrs ago when it was a jug of powder you added to milk. 2 of those a day and my stomach was all sorts of hating me. It did work as a wonderful "cleanse" so I guess there's that." 
  3. Melissa: "Alli the weight loss pills; they cause anal leakage! ANAL LEAKAGE. It’s a hilarious and horrible story about a girl in her early 20’s who just wanted to lose a few pounds... long story short I trusted a fart; ruined a fancy pair of VS undies had to throw them out at work (AT WORK) and spend the rest of my work day monitoring my leakage situation. I don’t do fads now." 
  4. Carrie: "Super Dieters Tea- OMG! I drank a cup and added an extra tea bag with the thought (stupidly) I’d lose weight quickly. I got some cramps but brushed it off as gas, I tried to continue my work and as I answered a question from a customer I literally exploded a volcano of poo. Worst. Day. Ever. I didn’t lose weight but I lost my job, my customer, and my self composure." 
  5. Kristen: "I tried a pill called SlimQuick. I was literally bouncing off the walls couldn't sleep at all. It was badddd."

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to lose weight? Did it work? How did it go wrong? Let me know:

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