Trying to save money on your grocery bills?  Don't mind digging through other people's trash?  Then you'll like the newest dining trend, which is called dumpster diving.

According to The National Enquirer, it's becoming quite the rage all across the country, especially among college kids trying to pay for school while working too.  They dig through dumpsters at restaurants and grocery stores, looking for food that's edible.  Often they find food that is already wrapped up and in a carryout bag.  Lots of stores and restuarants have to get rid of food by the end of the day, and that's when  the "freegans,"  as they call themselves, do their dumpster diving.  As one freegan told The Enquirer, "It's a really easy way to save money on groceries.  I'm thrifty with an iron stomach.  All that money is going into my pocket and I'm actually eating pretty well."  Would you do it to save money on groceries or does it gross you out?

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