A sport called slacklining is catching on in Upstate, New York, and if this is as difficult as it looks we may be in for a challenging time.

Slacklining was first introduced by mountain climbers in the 1970's. When they weren't hiking up steep terrain, they practiced slacklining. Slacklining is similar to tight rope walking but it's different in that the the rope is more flexible and dynamic.

The sport has evolved into different types: Longlines, which take great physical endurance as they are the most unsteady of lines. Highlines require the most mental strength, with the exposure of being so high up and having so much sky surrounding you, walking on 1″ thick webbing is subconsciously frightening, even if you are attached with harness and leash to the line.

Trickling is another form of slacklining that involves doing jumps, flips, and other tricks. While Matt was vacationing in California, he saw some people slacklining at Venice Beach, but now the sport is gaining momentum on the east coast.

You can purchase a slack line at Dick's Sporting Goods for around $80, and you can learn more about this sport at Slackline Industries .Com.

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