It has been a huge debate since... forever - Where does Central New York Start? What is considered Upstate New York? Well, thanks to the good people on Reddit - we now have an answer.

A map shared on Reddit's 'Mapporn' subreddit divides New York into 10 regions. Now the arguing can finally stop! The questions of what is considered Central New York, and what's Western New York, and everything else have all been answered

On the map, Utica is in the 'Mohawk Valley Region' (number six on the map). Syracuse however, is in a different region - 'Central New York.' Even though I would think of Utica and Syracuse in the same region, the map divides them, and it does make sense (and for the sake of ending the fighting, I'm not going to argue with that).

New York Divided into Ten Regions
Photo Credit: tns22x via Reddit

According to all the feedback on Reddit, for the most part people agree with this map. Although, there is quite an argument about Rochester being a part of the 'Finger Lakes Region.' What do you think? Did this map define the areas of New York correctly? If not, what would you change about it? Comment below and let us know what you think!



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