It's that time a year again - the time for summer storms, and sometimes some pretty yucky weather.

Although the Utica area stayed pretty calm yesterday (besides a few thunderstorms here and there), that wasn't the case for other parts of New York. Areas more west of the Utica and Rome area had a little rougher day yesterday, including Homer, New York.

This video was posted on Facebook showing the hail and heavy downpour during a storm that hit Homer, New York yesterday. There's so much hail on the ground, it almost looks like it snowed!


Another Hailstorm video out of Homer, NY. By Kris Kowal

Posted by NE Emergency News & WX Feed on Sunday, May 10, 2015


With severe weather hitting the country all last weekend, and continuing for the next few days, it's no surprise more videos like this will probably pop up. Although other areas are getting hit with these strong storms, it looks like the Utica and Rome area will be safe from the severe weather. Still, thunderstorms are possible in the area for the next few days.




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