An app is giving Texans their own Texas themed emojis and it's pretty cool. So what about New York and Utica? When will we get our own emojis? And what will they look like?


Set of emoticons
Photo Credit: MonikaBeitlova/Thinkstock

TexMoji is the new app that will give Texans their own emojis, and it will be available sometime this month. Some of the emojis include the Texas state flag, tacos, Blue Bell ice cream, and The Alamo.

So what about New York? Well, emojipedia - the online go to for all things emoji, doesn't have much. If you were to search New York, the only emojis to come up are the Statue of Liberty and a taxi. But what about the rest of New York? New York is more than just New York City.

What objects would be best for an emoji of New York, or for Utica? I'm thinking riggies of course for Utica (but that would probably be a hard emoji to create). Maybe the Stanley Theater, The Tower of Hope, and something for the Utica Comets (maybe the AUD).


Stanley Theater Exterior
Eric Meier/TSM

And what about New York as a whole? Sure, there would be a few dedicated to New York City, but what about the rest of the state? Well, we could probably start with the state flag, then maybe do buffalo wings. Eric Meier suggested a waterfall - to represent Niagara Falls.

Maybe we should petition this? Could we get an app created that had New York and specifically Utica themed emojis?

What would you choose for an emoji of Utica or New York? Comment below - let us know what you would like to see!



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