Despite making millions of dollars, some celebrities refuse to part with their cash when it's time for the tip.  Who are the worst celebrity tippers?  A few might surprise you.Waitstaff, keep an eye on these celebs because if you see them at your table, don't expect much of a tip.  They're famous for being so cheap!  Forget twenty percent or even fifteen.  With these ten celebs, you might get zip.  Nice, huh?

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1.  Actor Jeremy Piven takes the top honors for being an unbelievably awful tipper.    According to Zimbio, he once left an autograph rather than a tip at Nobu and has been banned from the restaurant ever since.

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2. Singer Britney Spears.  Money isn't an issue for Spears but you wouldn't know that by her tipping habits.  At second on the lit of worst tippers, she's famous for leaving nothing for a tip, although one time she did throw some change at a parking valet.   I guess that sort of counts, right?

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3.  Singer Usher.  Taking a tip from Jeremy Piven, the worst celebrity tipper, Usher likes to leave his autograph in place of a tip.  Somehow I don't think that'll pay the bills for the server counting on that tip.  He also tries to get others to pay the tip.  C'mon Usher, you can afford it.

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4.  Tiger Woods.  Since he reportedly doesn't ever carry cash, he conveniently never has money for a tip.  Hey Tiger, you can tip with a credit card!  Even after that costly divorce, he's got the money to shell out a great tip.  Tiger, stop being tacky.

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5.  Madonna.  She might be a material girl, but she's keeping her money.  Madonna is well known around the globe for her poor tipping.  Typically she doesn't tip but if she does, it's gonna be extremely small.

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6.  Actress Kirsten Dunst.  Despite the millions she's earned from the Spider Man movies, Dunst is a bad tipper.  According to Zimbio, she got a free meal at a restaurant in West Hollywood because the manager was starstruck.  Even though her meal was free, she didn't leave any tip at all.  Not cool.

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7.  Bill Cosby.  He's a funny guy but his tips aren't funny to those who've waited on him. One story is he rang up a $375 tab and left a $3 tip.

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8.  Actor/wrestler Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.  He reportedly asked a steakhouse to open early for him to avoid fans.  They did and his waiter was rewarded with a $7 tip.  He called Johnson "a pebble, not a rock."

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9.  Singer Mick Jagger.  The Rolling Stones are one of the richest and most famous bands on the planet.  So why is Jagger so cheap?  He's worth around $225 million but often leaves less little or no tip.

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10. Food Network host  Rachael Ray.  She seems easy going and like everybody else when she's whipping up those dishes.  However, she's a tightwad with tips.  Ray likes to leave a small tip or just skip tipping period.