If you have ever watched The Office you know that Michael Scott isn’t the best boss. We’ve all worked for our fair share of bad bosses but what are the worst kinds out there?

According to Uncoached.com, here's a rundown of some of the worst kinds of bosses in the world:

1)      The Micro Manager: This boss will watch every single move you do. They will supervise any project you are working on. Honestly they may get in the way.

2)      The Super Optimist: Always excited, always happy, always has the mind set that everything is amazing and great. Not a bad boss to have. If you’ve ever seen Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter Is Dead this is the boss from The Clown Dog.

3)      The One Who's Less Intelligent Than You: Doesn’t that drive you just nuts? You know they aren’t as smart but some how they are in charge.

4)      The Boss Who Passes the Buck: In other words, the lazy boss.  This is the person who is not really qualified to do anything on their own so they hire someone to do everything for them.

5)      The Liar/Brainwasher: They make promises they can’t keep and they stretch you to limits that go way beyond what you expected.  They squeeze you for every cent you’re worth and you get nothing in return. They will promise you the world and fail to deliver.

What’s the worst kind of boss you have worked for?