Can you agree that big snowstorms are a big pain? Power lines can go down, cars can slide off the road, and just the plain cold out there. With all the bad what’s there to like?


In the spirit of looking for a silver lining, here's a rundown of some things to actually like about snowstorms from

Forced Exercise- If you didn't have to shovel snow, would you be doing any other exercising?

A Chance to Spend Time with Family- Take advantage of the interruptions in your normal routine to relax, watch TV with the family or play board games.

It's Actually Pretty in the Beginning- Before salty cars start blasting through the scene, a snowstorm makes everything white and bright, which can boost spirits in the middle of dreary winter. In my book it’s only nice on the holidays and after that not so much.

Hot Chocolate- Life is short so have some hot cocoa!

What are some other positives about winter?

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