For this week's segment of "The Zoo's News," we talk about the Utica Zoo teaming up with Utica Coffee Roasting Company to create a special limited-edition coffee.

Mike Beck, Director of Communications at the Utica Zoo, explains this new "Rainforest Roast" coffee blend that they've created with Utica Coffee Roasting Company. He says they picked a coffee that was "Rainforest-Alliance Certified," which ties into the zoo's mission of conservation. They also sourced the beans from South America, so the bag features a cotton top tamarin (which can be found in South America). All of this is tied together, between the conservation, cotton top tamarins being an endangered species, South America, and of course the product being called "Rainforest Roast."

A dollar from each bag of this coffee goes back to the Utica Zoo to help them with their mission of conservation. So far, more than a hundred bags of "Rainforest Roast" has been sold.

You can pick up a bag of "Rainforest Roast" from the Utica Zoo Gift Shop, Utica Coffee Roasting Company (at their Utica location), and it's now available at Chanatry's Hometown Market.

So what are you waiting for? You know you love coffee and now you can enjoy a nice, hot cup of it AND help out the Utica Zoo at the same time. What's better than that?


If you have a question for the Utica Zoo, a question about their upcoming events, or a question about the animals at the zoo, feel free to submit it at the link below. It may be used in the next episode of "The Zoo's News."




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