If you hate everything that's good and beautiful in this world, you'll probably be excited about this news: The world's worst 'candy' has now ruined some perfectly good M&Ms.

Yup. You read that right. For reasons none of us will ever understand, M&Ms decided that they should flavor white chocolate M&Ms with candy corn. So what is that? Candy that LOOKS like M&Ms but actually tastes like wax and dust? This is why people have trust issues.

We've made this point before, but clearly it needs to be made again: candy corn is a decoration, not a candy. It's like the Halloween equivalent of pine cones for Christmas. Except the pine cones taste better. You want to fill a vase with something that looks festive and will hold your flowers up? Candy corn. You want something that is an ACTUAL candy? Anything BUT candy corn.

Honestly, this trend of flavoring Oreos and M&Ms and potato chips has got to stop. Just leave the good foods alone. You know why M&Ms are so popular? They taste good. Why mess with perfection?

If you hate someone enough to buy these blasphemous candies, you can get them at Walgreen's, Walmart, and of course, Amazon.com.

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