There's a pig running around Rome, and residents are being asked not to chase the little guy.

Reports of a loose pig started last week with Rome residents wondering if they were just seeing things, with one woman asking on Facebook: "Okay so this is going to be a strange post but has anyone else seen a little baby pig running around East Rome? I'm asking because I just did. I thought my parents were losing their minds when they told me the other day, but sure enough it is a little pig. I also witnessed a huge Hawk swoop down and try to grab it. Called animal control but no one answered. Last seen off of Harding Blvd walking down into the woods down the bank. He/she is white with black spots."

Turns out, you're not imagining things - the little piggy has run away from home - and seems to be spending a lot of time around the Harding Boulevard-Roosevelt Avenue-Healy Avenue neighborhood - according to a Facebook post by the Rome Sentinel.

George DeFazio, who is helping with the capture, says that as of 4:50am, Friday, 9/21, the pig is "still out there." DeFazio says the pig is an escaped pet. As of 8:00am, 9/21, they were setting out larger traps in an effort to capture "Piggy Smalls" - yes, that's his name. He was last seen on Floyd Avenue.

According to the post, the pig is white with black spots. Attempts are being made to trap him, so residents are being asked not to chase him, or try to catch him. No word as to whether he's headed to market or crying wee, wee, wee, all the way home. 

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