So, you thought Governor Andrew Cuomo dropped all COVID-19 rules and restrictions after the state reached the 70-percent vaccination mark for eligible New Yorkers? Well, think again. Your local bar doesn't need to require a mask, but your local school still does.

If you have a student going to school Pre-K - 12 in the state, you know that social distancing and mask requirements are still mandatory for schools, according to the New York State Health Department. While there has been some lifting of mask orders for students and faculty outdoors, for the most part restrictions are just as they have been for the last 10 months when it comes to transportation and inside the school building.

The New York State Department of Health updated their COVID-19 requirements for schools Pre-K through 12 on June 7,  which schools must abide by for the rest of the school year and as of now, during summer School. These rules will be in place for students going back to school in the fall, unless there's an update with revisions between now and September.

So, here are 4 restrictions that teachers, students and parents will still have to follow into the warmer classrooms of summer school, making life even less fun the summer for those who are required to participate.

1. Masks must be worn indoors

The mask mandate remains in-place inside New York schools, however, masks are not required outdoors. Students and staff can take their masks off while eating.

2. Social Distancing in School and on School Grounds

Schools still must require responsible 6-feet of social distancing in schools and on school grounds.

3. Transportation

Riders and drivers must wear masks at all times and maintain responsible social distancing. Students in the same cohort do not need to social distance.

4. Mandatory Health Screenings

Schools must conduct temperature checks, and health screenings. Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or more must be denied access, or placed in a dedicated quarantined space.

These rules are subject to change, but as of right now this is the current plan for schools and absent a revision, these will be the restrictions for summer school and when school resumes in the fall.

You can read the entire Master Guidance document from the NYS Health Dept. here.

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