My sister Heather finally got engaged over the past week. She made a trip to Disney with her bf Jason, and he proposed at the Disney Castle. Romantic right? And if you're like them you’ve probably been getting all sorts of advice since you said "yes," but according to relationship experts (people with degrees in advice from this is the stuff that will up your chances of making your marriage work:

Must-Do #1) Make exciting things happen on a regular basis.

Fun, new stuff elicits brain chemicals that feel like head-over-heels love. Make exciting plans together (going rock climbing, traveling, learning to salsa, whatever ...) and keep the chemistry flowing!

Must-Do #2) Vow to never fake it again. A recent Cosmo poll revealed that 71 percent of women have faked their way through the Big O. Holding back means you're putting your relationship (and your mojo) at risk! Communicate with your partner. But be sure to confess over cocktails, or other non-threatening activity, not when things get frisky.

Must-Do #3) Be known for your "thing." With wedding plans, new living arrangements, family coming to town you're all relationship all the time. Who are you? Keep your hobbies, passions and interests going. Not only will you always have things to talk about, but you won't lose yourself to coupledom.

What else would you add to this list?