Whoa, Demi!

Demi Lovato covers the August 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan and she is bright and cheery in a form-fitting orange dress with a looooooooow-dipping V, showing off a blue bikini or bra top! The 'Heart Attack' singer sure has plenty of assets and we can't blame her for showing them off.

She pairs the citrusy dress with lots of gold bling and glossy, black lacquered nails. You can really see her smattering of tattoos here, too.

The hair chameleon is wearing her locks in a golden blonde shade, but she is throwing off a sexy, stoic stare and that's what makes this image such a headturner. Her makeup artist  already has a gorgeous canvas with which to work, but Lovato's cheekbones and eyes are gloriously and fabulously sculpted in this cover shot. Check out those contours.

Lovato recently covered Canada's Fashion, although she did so with a chocolate mane and thick and winged black eyeliner.

We love that she rocks a variety of different looks but always, always looks faboosh. The singer has come into her own, style-wise, in the past 18 months. She needs to give her glam squad and fashion team a bonus or a raise.

August is also Demi's birthday month, so she can celebrate turning 21 with this cover nod.